About US

iComDroid is a mixed platform where you will be redirected to the latest techno news & reviews, some cool android and PC tips & tricks and the info on latest trending gadget which will blow your mind. It’s a blog where you would be linked with many platform assuming one to many function.
What is iComDroid ?
iComDroid is a concept which intends all the iComDroider to merged on a single platform. The technology is rapidly changing day by day and of course it’s a truth that if we’re not updated with any of the latest techno trends then it drags us beyond our knees. Every second is leading technology to its climax with much more excitement and much more ease. All we need to do is to grab those every second of fun.
A presence of infinity leads the distance between Zero (0) and One (1) and an infinity is infinity of infinity. iComDroid is just trying to shorten some of those infinity and recover the infinity between those technology and us.


iComDroid is conceptual birth of some graduating IT fellows intends to share their ideology to the rest of the people with some of their creativity flavor. Knowledge is spreading everywhere in every form .So,it’s up to you how you will grab it and what will you do with those tiny bit of info! When Advancing technology ends its journey,the conceptutional journey will also end but we know none of a single journey can be stopped since the human enthusiasm ;the thriving nature to get new, learn new never stops !
Content found on iComDroid can be treated as open source and permit to its user for freelancing but not for exploiting. Content shared like tricks and tips are only for education purpose and suggest for the knowledgeable purpose only. Any exploitation or disaster created by user will not liable by iComDroid and its team.
We are always hearing for you with you response comment and suggestion.
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