Founder of iComdroid, Tech Enthusiast, Gadget Lover. A graduating fellow from College of Information Technology & Engineering fulfilling his dream aid of Computer Application. Mostly enjoy with his own Lappie want to swim in the depth of the Technological world and want to share the fishes what he would catch. Sharing is jus aWesome The world is rapidly growing with its Techno Trend and I jus wanna share all these Techno Trend to you all. iComDroid is a mixed platform where we could find latest techno news some PC tricks as well as modded Android and Pro apks.

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Reset BIOS Password (Commanding)

Did you ever face a password protection problem on BIOS? Many of you have tried to reset password on you PC by removing the CMOS battery or Setting the jumper. These way are only for your desktop but if you face same problem on you Laptop then? You are not supposed to open your laptop…

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VLC Hypno

We often use VLC Media player for the media streaming, for watching video, movies we use VLC media player. It is considered as a powerful media player nowadays. But do u know? We can do some tricks with VLC Media player. If you are ready to those tricks then open your VLC media player and follow the below steps:…

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Many of us use the Microsoft Product or Windows. We used various version like Windows 98, 97, Xp, Vista and Win 7. After all this version, Microsoft launched  windows 8 in 26th Oct,2012 and after the Win 8 again Microsoft launched its second version named as Windows 8.1 on  18th Oct, 2013. But for these…

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