Co-Founder @ iComDroid. Here comes our Data Analyst who never compromise on the site quality even-though she need to scold the team ? ? . Quite interesting Engineering fellow loves all about the technology and aim to create something really quite interesting. Just we need to wait and watch what she will invent.

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SONiC:Microsoft’s Open Source Debian-based OS for networking

Only a few days afterward, announcing that Microsoft would port its popular database software SQL Server to Linux, the company has released a Debian GNU/Linux-based open source operating system that runs on network switches and routers. After joining the OCP (Open Compute Project), in 2014 Microsoft contributed the Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) specification to it…

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Crackdown 3 To Be Released On Xbox One In 2016!!

A reboot of the 2007 video game Crackdown  published by Microsoft Studios. It is a sandbox-style third person shooter video game developed by Reagent Games.   This over-the-top. open-world action game brings insane verticality and fully-destructible environments to Xbox One gamers in 2016. It is bringing a 4-person co-operative campaign enhanced with a new dynamic story,…

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What Is This “SHODAN” ??

Ok this is a quite hot news going around and you might be little enthusiastic about it too!! “Shodan” ever heard that word before?? Yes! Then that is good. Let’s know more about it. “No” it’s ok then let’s learn about it!! What is this “SHODAN”?? SHODAN is a search engine that lets the user find…

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