Being MSP; How it began!

A girl with passion I used to be. I had dreams but no clear vision. I had interest to learn but had less idea where to begin. I had energy, I had a lot of it, but places were less where I could invest it. Then, there came a call that changed my life! Trust me when I say this, I had no idea what an MSP would be. I had no idea, how it really worked! I became member of MIC Nepal group for the first time in life! And had no clue what it did. Yet I applied to be an MSP!

It was 3rd orientation that I attended! It took me some time to figure out where MIC Nepal’s building was. Nervous, I went in! I knew no one! Went in and took a seat. Hall was full of people. Some knew each other well, some were like me, lost! Then there came a confident lady, Ms. Suchitra Maharjan who introduced herself to us and finally entry of the great man, Allen sir. First few words and boom, flushed my confidence back! That day, initial few hours and I had in my mind, yes, I have to be that MSP start, the caterpillar who had to get that journey to transform myself to butterfly. One whole day with Allen sir and my entire prospective changed! I now knew what my path would be! Getting back home I fully prepared myself for the journey! Did assigned task and finally submitted it! Now next challenge was finding senior MSP from my college to recommend me, because they said, “MSP recommendation matters”. I knew one already, she was an angle to me, an exemplary figure, yet had saying, I will think about it! A girl of first year, first semester who knew only 5% of people in college now had to find a senior and request him to recommend me. I did find the senior MSP, talked to him, yet was disappointed. “ I need to recommend my classmate!” No hopes left!

It was a night that results of MSP selection was to be out. I was nervous. After the day of orientation I had researched a lot about MSPs and yes I really wanted to be one. Waited and waited and waited. Got to see posted in Unlimited page, that people got selected as MSP, and again disappointed, I went to bed. *Ding* at 11:59pm there was a message. It said  “Congratulation”!!! Yet I was uncertain! It was a number! Mobile number, It might have been fake I thought. Searched for the number over internet; the message was a truth! Finally, I was MSP- Microsoft Student Partner! *Happy*

It was day of spring Board. Everyone was super excited, you bet! Went back to that building, this time with clear mind that I was going to the right place. I had no idea now the year would turn out to be but yes, I had intuition that it would be awesome! We were asked to go to the 5th floor to the building, entered, and again Hall full of people. This time it wasn’t confused or lost mass, but excited, Super-duper excited! Two days inside the hall, new friends; to be added new friend with similar thinking; and new chapter of life. Those two days, different sessions, a lot of skills taught and new opening to how life in a year would be! I cannot exactly explain how those two days went, but trust me it was the best two-day experience for me. A hall, 10-5 sessions but none were useless. Each minute each moment taught me, how a college ambassador should be. Inspiring stories from different personalities, song launch of THEMIC band, unknown faces yet the vibe of having something in common open up a new door; opened myself to be new me….



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