GodMode in Windows 10-access all windows settings from one place

Let’s review about God Mode. Well, God Mode isn’t alien stuff for the IT professional and tech enthusiast.  We often prefer to create the God Mode folder whenever we want an easy access to the far flung tweaks and customization options of Windows on our desktop(same as iComDroid all platform into the one 🙂 ). Then,

What is God Mode ?

Well god mode isn’t any special software or program which you need to spend your dollar. It’s just a simple trick we use in Microsoft OS series and now even in Windows 10. However, very few non IT professionals and everyday users of PC are actually aware of this legendary hidden feature of Windows and the good news is that the feature works in Windows 10 as well.

Well basically, God Mode draws all the Windows system tweaks and customization options of Windows’ together into a single interface and sorts them into different categories such as Administrative Tools, Display and many more. For instance, if a user wants to adjust the resolution of monitor or make changes to any folder options or say customize the notification area in task bar or manage power option  then all this can be easily accomplished through God Mode folder. Also we cloud troubleshoot your basic problem through God Mode with its easier problem solving word.

Or in short byte user can easily access all windows settings from one place.

As said you could access all windows setting from a single place. However, these amazing and mostly needed secret tool is that God Mode works on the current Microsoft OS series (Windows 10) to make us our experience more easier and convenient.


How to create God Mode in windows 10?

  • Navigate yourself to the desktop.
  • Create  a new folder by right clicking on desktop and select New>>Folder
  • Rename the folder name with the code between quote and press enter.
  • Now the folder will change its icon looks like mimic look of control panel
    (After all its your new panel)
  • Open the Panel you would find all windows setting there.
  • You could see different types such as Administrative tools, Auto Play etc.

Now, open your God Mode by simply clicking this icon and you will see different tweaks types such as Administrative tools, Auto Play etc. This trick also works on every Windows OS(Win 7,8,8.1).You can easily move the God Mode folder into any other folder for your convenience, in case you feel the God Mode folder creates a mess on your local drive or you can even pin the God Mode folder to their File Explorer in the task bar or just put it in the Documents Folder or can even pin it to Windows  Start Screen if you are too tech savvy.

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