ReactOS 0.4.2-An Open Source UNIX based cloned Window

Anybody here Open Source lover as well as Microsoft? Here I’m, yeah around 60% of program in my system belongs to Microsoft and even OS I’m using right now is Windows 10. It’s a part that sometimes I use Debian or Ubuntu Server but I also love the open source Software. How about those two preference blended onto one?

Yeah the answer is an open source UNIX based cloned window OS called as ReactOS. It’s a pure code from scratch without any Linux distro and UNIX architecture. The official wiki says that the build environment of ReactOS based on GCC 4.7.2-Unix. Let’s go a little deeper.


So what is ReactOS?

As per official ReactOS is:

  • Compatible OS
  • Community OS
  • Free OS
  • Open Source OS
  • Collaborative OS


ReactOS is an open source windows cloned operating system which is free too.  A familiar windows user could easily operate the ReactOS as using the windows environment. But it doesn’t mean you would get those cool Windows 10 interface, feature and the user experience, it comes with the old classical windows version theme (i.e. Windows 98 or XP). Denying the open source mechanism by Microsoft and ruling as a king of Operating system, ReactOS is presenting the open source environment windows version where you could run your favorite windows application and drivers. It’s being quite popular with some of the feature like:

  • Light-Weight OS
  • Code written from Scratch(Binary compatible with Windows)
  • 9,000,000+ lines of code
  • 100+devs
  • Styles
  • Tons of open module
  • Ready to install

Or simply you can give a try with Live Version. On August 16 ReactOS announced its new release called as ReactOS 0.4.2

“The project is reaching a point where rapid releases are viable, where disruption from introduction of major components or restructuring has been greatly reduced from the tumultuous early years and even as recently as the late 0.3.x series.”

— ReactOS Official

Although it’s a cloned of Windows but aid on ReactOS 0.4.2 is it could mount and read data from UNIX and Linux file system as well. For upcoming updates it’s announced more file system like EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, UFS, and ReiserFS etc. On ReactOS you could find the classic window desktop, start menu, control panel and a windows-like explorer too.

Talking about the system requirements as its said as the light-weight OS, ReactOS just need 96MB of RAM with 500MB Space for storage. With these minimal requirements you could install ReactOS on VM or onto your old system. You just need to download the iso file or live session ISO too.

ReactOS 0.4.2 iso

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