Tech Talk : Unfolding Changes at ACHS College

This Sunday, ACHS IT Club organized a Tech-Talk program – “Unfolding Changes” in association with Demeity Nepal. The program got support from the team of SochWare, Echo Innovators, and Creatu Developers.

“Unfolding Chapters” was a feature package to learn about IoT (Internet of Things), SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and Entrepreneurship.

The Tech Talk program covered the topic that :

1. Make students familiar with IoT devices

2. Help them learn about power of Visualization

3. Aware about 17 SDGs goals set by UN and role of youth in it

4. Introduce on Social Entrepreneurship and its importance

The program got series of sessions with different speakers

1. Overview of Program

2. Ice breaking session

3. Introduction & Workshop on IoT

4. Introduction to Cloud and Analytics

5. SDGs and Social Entrepreneurship

6. Storytelling

The program started with a welcome round by Mr. Binod Jung Bogati to the speakers and then he handed over the session to the first speaker, Ms. Melisha Ghimire for the brief overview.

Overview of Program – Melisha Ghimire

Ms. Melisha Ghimire – CEO at Echo Innovators, was the first speaker of the program. She gave her introduction and overview of this program.

Demeity Nepal is a community focused on the development of youth in technology and social entrepreneurship. It’s a team of social entrepreneurs working on IoT-Internet of Things,
Technical solutions, Cloud and Machine learning, integrated together for Sustainable Development Goals of UN.

Ice breaking Session – Milan Khanal

Mr. Milan Khanal – UN Delegate in Asia/Pacific, took his session in fun way. He used his ninja technique to keep his audience enjoy and refresh at the same time.

Introduction & Workshop on IoT – Eeda Rijal

Ms. Eeda Rijal – CEO at Sochware, introduced the students with the overview of IoT. Well, she also reveals the power of IoT telling its real life applications and how we can use in Nepal.

Then, she begins the workshop with hands-on experience with IoT device. Yes, the students were coding and soon they realized how easy it was to use the device and lit the bulb. At last, she motivates the students to get started with IoT, to take the step for Innovation.

Introduction to Cloud and Analytics – Milan Thapa

Mr. Milan Thapa – CTO and co-founder of Sochware, introduced the students with the Advance analytic and Cloud. Then, he introduced the use of a very powerful Microsoft tool called Power Bi. Power Bi is another name of “any data, anyway, anywhere.” He added that it could handle all the data with any data types. “We can discover, analyze and visualize our data for the useful purpose and analyzing the data with MS Excel”, he said. Not only Excel Power Bi could analyze any data either its on database or static data even the live IoT live streamed data. He also added we don’t have to worry about the platform or device to visualize the data we could get our any data anywhere at any time wither its desktop or mobile also we don’t need to have worry about the OS either its windows, android or iOS.  He showed the live demo of using data analytics with MS Excel and Power Bi.

SDGs and Social Entrepreneurship – Milan Khanal

Mr. Milan Khanal introduced students with 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by United Nations. He shares his research experience in foreign (Vietnam, Cambodia) and Nepal.

Additionally, he makes an effort to aware about Social Entrepreneurship giving the real example of Sochware and Echo Innovators.

Then, he speaks about the formation and role of Demeity Nepal.

An organization formed to empower youths to make SDGs successful by 2030 in Nepal.

Journey to Imagine Cup Final – Pradip Subedi

Pradip Subedi – CMO of Echo Innovators, tells his story how the team Echo Innovators started. He shares his experience at Imagine Cup (Philipines and USA) and how the team Echo Innovators represented and shined the pride of the Nation.

Then, he also reveals it took years of dedication and struggle to be in Imagine Cup Final. And, he advises students to follow their passion to achieve success.

Storytelling – Shakar Shrestha

Mr. Shakar Shrestha – Co-founder at Creatu Developers, started with a question about entrepreneurship. Then, he shares his story why he started with his own start-up company – Creatu Developers. With his experience, he encourages the students to be a tech leader, instead of rushing abroad for opportunities. Also, he was pointing the student to be a job creator rather than a job hunter.

Then, the session wrapped up with the excitements and giving the token of love to the guest speakers.

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