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Recently I got the Anniversary update from Microsoft for my windows 10. I know it is an update with lots of feature and security protection but one of my main purpose to get anniversary to use hello world onward. I guess I’m not only one on this mass are you too? Unfortunately, even after installing the anniversary update I can’t setup windows hello due to my system doesn’t meet minimal requirement for hello world. Pity my 🙁

Windows Hello is a nifty new feature for Windows 10 and one aspect of it is facial recognition. This requires more than just the webcam on your PC or laptop, but a special array with Intel currently providing the hardware with its RealSense set ups. With a RealSense camera, either built in or an external one like the Intel developer kit we have, you’ll be able to set up Windows Hello to log you in to your computer without touching a button, verify your identity or even complete purchases in the Store. 

So, is there any alternative for Windows hello?? Literally No!  but alternately yes even though you don’t have alternative of Windows Hello we have facial recognition alternative which we can use to login our windows with facial recognition. Today we gonna review about the top 3 facial recognition application for windows login.


This one of the best application in my review I used till now. I’m using KeyLemon on my system too. KeyLemon offers convenient, secure and continuous biometric authentication solutions based on face and speaker recognition. With its latest face recognition algorithm which take full benefit of 3d depth sense cameras by efficiently combining depth, near-infrared and color information KeyLemon being quite popular nowadays. Currently KeyLemon offering 3 package to its user Basic, Bronze, Gold where Basic package is free of cost Bronze package worth for $20.37 USD and Gold Package for $40.79 USD. With KeyLemon you could:

  • Log in with Face recognition (Win 8, 8.X, Win 10 Tested!)
  • Track your face evolution (LemonDay plugin)
  • Auto Lock when you Leave and LogOnScreen Themes (Bronze Package only)
  • Hijackers Tracking, anti-spoofing Check, Multimodels (Gold Package Only)

How about a try with KeyLemon? Download KeyLemon from the official.


2. Rohos Face Logon:
The next best alternative could be Rohos Face Logon too. Rohos Face Logon which makes the standard Windows logon procedure more convenient, It allows you to access a Windows computer in an easy and fast way by using any web camera. Login is performed automatically once the face has been recognized by the program. Rohos Face Logon identifies a user by biometric verification based on neural network technology. With some of its key feature it makes ease face recognition application for user:

  • Automatic login or unlocking the desktop when your face is recognized.
  • Multi-user support – You may register the faces of several users for any user account!
  • All registered face patterns are saved and unsatisfactory ones may be deleted.
  • Self-training features which allows to view and register face model that were not recognized.
  • Simplify usage and bring greater convenience to face recognition login.
  • Multi-user Support-You can register the face of several users for any account (Purchase Version Only)


You could try Rohos Face Logon available with two package Freeware as well as Purchase Edition ($24 USD).







3. BananaScreen:

The BananaScreen is an efficient tool that will protect your computer from unauthorized access in a very easy way. Unlike KeyLemon and Rohos Face Logon can perform face login to Windows, BananaScreen only lock and unlock screen using your face as password. When you are away from your PC it automatically locks your PC.


For the installation download the BananaScreen from the official and record your face for the setup then you’re done. BananaScreen will lock the PC within the time you set into the application configuration. To unlock the screen, you need to pass the facial recognition with the same recorded face to the application. It can only lock or unlock your desktop screen form unauthorized user when you are logged in to Windows users where don’t expect this application to perform login or unlock the windows.


Although these are the review of top 3 app for facial recognition I suggest you to use Windows Hello compatible system not only for the facial recognition log in also with iris and fingerprints too. It is the secured biometric authentication keys to your Windows experience, apps, data and even websites and services.

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