Use Your Mobile as a Router to Turn On Internet on Remote Desktop.

If you are having a Remote desktop with no internet access.Don’t worry, you can now enjoy Internet on the desktop just by using a Smartphone which has a stable connection on it.So, let’s get started. The Software we will be using is PdaNet+. PdaNet+  contains both PdaNet (USB or Bluetooth mode).This software will help you can now share your cell phone’s Internet connection with your computers or tablets through either USB, Bluetooth or even WiFi Hotspot on some phone models.

Free edition of PdaNet+ will require you to restart after some usage, otherwise it is same as full version.

Before you start you need to gather the following things:

Hardware Stuffs you need :

  1. A smartphone.
  2. A desktop and
  3. A USB cable

Software Programs you need to download :

  1. Smartphone App
  2. Desktop Application

After downloading all the things just open you smartphone app and you will be directed to below screen:


Now Connect the Smartphone on your Desktop and click on Activate USB Tether.Also, share your cell phone’s Internet connection.Make sure that you allow USB debugging enable on your smartphone.For the USB debugging get enabled simply follow the simple steps as:

  • Go to Settings
  • You will find there Developer Options Click on it
  • After that just turn on the USB Debugging mode.

On the other  hand in Desktop side Download PDA Net for desktop from the above link and install it.

Desktop_pda1After you finish Installation just plugin the USB and make the Connection just by clicking on the task bar menu of PDA and after clicking on the Connect Internet (USB) from the options .You can see the steps as below:

desktop_pdaNow If everything goes well you will be directed with is Notification bar:

connectedCongratulations!! Your Remote desktop has a Internet connection.



About Dipraj Kayastha

I am an Electronic Engineering Student and has a wide interest on Information Technology. I am a Part time programmer and also a blogger on My filed of Interest are: A Programmer (C,C++,C#) A Certified Web Designer Microcontroller Programmer (Arduino,AVR).

3 thoughts on “Use Your Mobile as a Router to Turn On Internet on Remote Desktop.

  1. Ankit

    Its a great post buh lil confusion here. Can we share the internet from a desktop by connecting smartphone through usb and release the shared internet using hotspot and vice versa ?

    • Yes, you can share your mobile internet on your Desktop and then use your smartphone to create a Hot spot from the desktop and share it’s internet to connect other desktops and tablets for this just go to the tray icon of PDANet installed on your desktop and choose the option of WiFi Share then setup the SSID and Password of your own.Now, you can check the hotspot from other desktops and laptops.
      Thank you for your response…Stay Tuned to iComdroid.

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