Windows 10 for a Genuine and Non-Genuine user Official date announced

            Windows !!! “In 1995,Windows changed the PC now windows 8 changes Everything !”, a slogan while win 8 was distributed in market. Windows is providing its services since 1984. It really changed the imagination of a personal computer. Each and every new version update, it changes its layout, view, design altogether a windows changes in its next windows.

A carpenter of “Windows” Mr. Bill Gates marked windows on our mind like its all is part of computer. Before  the Android operating system which got the most popular OS 2014 the windows was mostly perfected OS in the PC world. At those time more than 75% people used to use  Microsoft Windows, but after then to till windows is losing its popularity as well as costumers. Windows 8 was launched in August 2012 by thinking that it would bring the great Evolution but rather than costumer began to distract from it and seems user will now tends to use other OS rather than Windows. After Win 8 it was said Windows 9 will be introduced and will bring lots of improvement and changes. But unexpectedly  Microsoft decided to launch Windows 10 rather than windows 9 with lots of improvement and adding extra features and lots of new technology.  It was said win 7 overlapped the win 9.

🙁 7 ate 9 ;(

                      Windows 10 is an upcoming release of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Microsoft has officially announced the date July 29, 2015. Microsoft published its article  like :

Windows 10 isn’t for all of us, but for each of us. We are designing and developing  Windows 10 differently from the way we’ve always done it. Millions of people are providing their feedback and helping us to shape the future of Windows.

Windows 10

          Although there are many genuine and non-genuine user of windows  but Microsoft said that they will provide free update to all their registered and non-registered user during first year. Those user who will  install Windows 10 during the 1 year of release they will get free license and other have to buy it ($199). So its seem wise to wait for the release date  and grab your Windows copy. Features which will be reason of success claimed by Microsoft in windows 10 :

1. Free Upgrade to all windows user
2. Cortana  home, notebook, reminder a digital assistant
3. Project Spartan
4. Touch and Keyboard
5. Map-direction and get my car features
6. Holograms – transfer your world
8. Awesome Win Store Apps
9. Action Center notification
10. Setting are solidified, while charms vanish
11. File Explorer’s Home folder
12. Virtual Desktop
13. Xbox Game


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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences with others. You’re really creating a difference.

    • Thanks for your interest in iCOmDroid we will be posting more interesting stuffs on future too. Keep Loving !!!

  2. You can’t always trust what you read online. However, I really do trust you!

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